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Freakonomics October 4, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Books.
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Got a hold of an audio version of this book. It has been on the NY-Times bestsellers for a long time now.

Authors talk about several interesting things like how legalizing abortions affected crime rates,detecting  cheating by teachers and  sumo wrestlers etc. 

The book also talks  about Information Asymmetry , a topic which  I found very interesting from economics classes. Although internet has reduced assymetry to a great extent, the playing field is still not totally levelled yet.

Constructing incentives in such a way that the agents act in clients best interests was one of the good things I learned. Real estate agent example was a real eyeopener.

I am not sure if I agree with all the conclusions authors reach, Especially about their stats about ‘Parenting’ not having any affect on how the child turns out, but overall its interesting to look at things from their perspective