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Migration of Labor from Mahaboobnagar (Palamoor) December 15, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Uncategorized.


Here is an heart wrenching documentary on Mahaboobnagar. I was very disturbed after watching this Video,. Though I spent first 21 years of my life there I never knew it was so bad, I guess we were pretty much insulated from all the poverty around. The Statistics mentioned in the documentary are comparable the levels of HDI indices in Sub Saharan Africa and way lower than other parts of India and Andhra.Yet none of the politicians seem to care.

 This phenomenon of migration to cities  should have been good for the district as most rural to urban migration provides more oppurtunities to people and helps raises their standard of living , Why isnt this happening in Mahaboobnagar’s case?If this kind of migration has been going on for decades why hasnt there been a Cash Infow from the migrants who earn more in cities?



1. raghavender reddy - January 29, 2007

hi! goutham
this is raghu pursuing my masters in communication and journalism in arts college osmania university in hyderabad and born and broughtup in mahaboob nagar (palamoor).iam trying to make a documentary on migration in our dist.iam serching data regarding migration,hdi,indebtness.in this process i spoted your blog.if you want share any information with me you can .

2. goutham - February 2, 2007


I am not sure why the video embedding is not working on my blog, here is the link to the google video, its a documentary made by zee tv, there are a lot of stats in the video.

There is lot of data here on http://mahabubnagar.tripod.com/Frames.htm

Apart from that there are groups about palamoor and orkut, that might have some information that you are looking for.


Good luck with your documentary

3. ramprasad kotla - November 9, 2008

oka rakamga memu valasa karmikulame.prasthutham melbourne lo unnam

4. Gautam - December 23, 2008

My name is Gautam and iam from Hyderabad…My father is from palamoor he moved to hyderabad 30 yrs ago…My granny and all my paternal aunts and uncles are still living there..iam in USA and my bro is a doctor and is planning to write civils…I am ready to work for the upbringing of palamoor….

5. Ramachandrudu - June 23, 2009

Hai, It is very interesting to know that many people thinking about this, If somebody interested , they can contact me ,I can provide some info on palamoor labour

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