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Vihaan’s Cincinnati Childrens Museum Trip December 20, 2006

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Finally took Vihaan to the Childrens museum over the weekend. He had loads of fun at  the place

 some photos




Migration of Labor from Mahaboobnagar (Palamoor) December 15, 2006

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Here is an heart wrenching documentary on Mahaboobnagar. I was very disturbed after watching this Video,. Though I spent first 21 years of my life there I never knew it was so bad, I guess we were pretty much insulated from all the poverty around. The Statistics mentioned in the documentary are comparable the levels of HDI indices in Sub Saharan Africa and way lower than other parts of India and Andhra.Yet none of the politicians seem to care.

 This phenomenon of migration to cities  should have been good for the district as most rural to urban migration provides more oppurtunities to people and helps raises their standard of living , Why isnt this happening in Mahaboobnagar’s case?If this kind of migration has been going on for decades why hasnt there been a Cash Infow from the migrants who earn more in cities?

End of another quarter in the MBA program December 12, 2006

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Finally the  fall quarter ended, this quarter it was quite hectic compared to the previous ones.

Financial Accounting was a tough one,  Learnt lots of stuff about financial statments and various financial metrics.  I thought it was the second best so far (after Economics for Managers). The exams both the midterm and the final especially the midterm were the toughest so far. I managed a ‘B’ and I am not sad, Professor doesnt give out A-‘s and B+’s so for me going into the final there was no chance for me to get an A so I took it easy.

Marketing was pretty cool, it was an easy ‘A’,  learnt a few interesting concepts like Consumer Behaviour, Social Influencing strategies. Had lots of case presentations in the course. Over all the learning in this course was not very high.

Next quarter starts on Jan 3, but before that I have to prepare for my PMP exam.

Brand Equity and why its important December 11, 2006

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Brand equity is an intangible asset built up by company overtime by building awareness, having a well-known name or a clear identity, consistent communications, marketing to the consumer, acting socially responsible, and spending on advertising and promoting the brand.


It is important because the products associated with the brand command a premium price in the market and are perceived to be higher quality when compared to the similar generic unbranded products. Brand equity also offers competitive advantages by reducing the marketing costs (because of high brand awareness and loyalty) to firms that enjoy high   “Brand Equity” and thus enhances their earnings.

  Brand equity is created over a long period of time by using investing employing various tools like advertising, public relations (PR), sponsorships, events, social causes etc around the entity that’s marketed. Once the brand equity has been created it is also important to carefully manage and overtime grow the equity of the brand employing the same tools mentioned above.  If not dealt with carefully, there is a chance the brand equity is destroyed over time.

Apple’s iPod ads December 9, 2006

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Recently there was a question on my marketing take home exam about Apple’s new iPod ad where the product name was not mentioned and if it was a good idea.


These ads by Apple were very impressive and campaign was very successful. These kinds of ads do work, but only in situations when large enough critical mass of people know about the product, and the ad image been “branded” into the consciousness of consumers. These ads are built on top of prior similar successful campaigns, (in which the brand and product are mentioned ) which created  the brand image for the product.


This specific campaign where the names were not mentioned was started by Apple on the back of a very successful “iPod Silhouettes” campaign, which helped build iPod a brand recognition of a cool device, that every music lover could use.

At this point after the extremely successful launch of the product, it was not important anymore to mention the product or company name, but s sufficient to just evoke the feelings about the product in the minds of consumers and this was possible without even mentioning the name of the product in the ad.


Also for the folks who fail to comprehend the product from the ads   it creates a kind of curiosity in their minds about what the ad is all about and helps create a mystique image around the product once they figure out what it is.