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Screwed up Optimization Models Exam August 23, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Uncategorized.

Yesterday was one of the those very bad days. I was hoping to revise some of optimization examples before the exam. Early in the morning at work I find out that PGP encryption is screwed up on one of the production servers so all the jobs that send the files to different banks and billing systems failed.   I had to spend a several hours rebuilding PGP keys from scratch. Thank god I had saved all the public keys in SourceSafe, otherwise it would have been a major nightmare. Forgot to run a couple of jobs and got a call just a few minutes before the exam Had to scramble on phone to get someone to run the job.

Couldn’t finish the revision and because of this problem I was not in the right frame of mind I knew going into it that I was going to screw it up. This is one of the major problems I am facing with the MBA program. Since the class is after work, events at work have a huge influence especially on those exam days.

The questions were not terribly tough like the ones on the homework, but not too easy either, I am pretty sure I screwed up two of them but didn’t have chance to look at them again as I had run out of time. One of the questions was from a one of professor’s Transportation Model research project at P&G supply chain group. We viewed a documentary in class for 30 min, never would have expected a question from that.Any ways totally screwed up the exam. Hopefully everyone else screwed up theirs too, because the grade is going to be curved. 

PS: May be all this happened because, I wore my bad luck shirt today, whenever I wear this specific shirt, this kind of shit happens to me, But then I want to disprove this theory so I wear it occasionally, So far it has never failed to screw up my days when I wear it. My patience is wearing thin now, May be it’s just not worth it to prove these sentiments wrong.  



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