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First day of blogging August 17, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Life in general.

Never have maintained a diary in my life for longer period than a month,  So I will see how long this goes. Yesterday was krishna astami So Swapna dressed Vihaan in Krishna’s attire. He was so cute. We cliked a lot of photos of him along with Rishi.

 Here is a photo.

  Vihaan's Krishna Dress

He complained a lot about how the dress was suffocating him using  word’s  in telugu like “abbu” and “gatti”.  Picking up a lot of new words lately. Have the final exams comming up next week along with two home works to submit. Will have to spend the whole weekend on it and I’m not too excited. But 3 weeks of holidays after that do excite me I have never had more than a week without classes since i joined the program in March.

 I am not too worried about the Managerial Economics exam because I did well on the midterm, If I dont screw up the final too badly I will end up with an A.

 Optimization Model’s scares me a lot, had a tough time with the first three home works. I was hoping I could finish them in a couple of hours but took much longer than that that too with plenty of mistakes. Hoepfully the questions on the exam arent as tough.  Professor said that the grade would be curved that should help



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