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Grade for optimization models August 31, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Life in general.
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Grade for optimization models was posted on blackboard today. I got a ‘B’, First B so far into the program. My grade on the final was 2 points below the average class score, Initially I was distrubed but I dont deserve a grade any better than that.

And so what if my CGPA goes down, Its not like anyone is going to judge me based on grades.

I am going to get reimbursed if I get ‘B’ or above so who cares.

On second thougts with all this in my head looks like I do care )-:


No Preparation Yet for ECON exam August 29, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Life in general.
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I thought I would prepare for the ECON exam over the weekend but totally wasted my time on Sat. Sunday was vinayaka chaviti so had friends over at our place for lunch.

Just checked the grade for Financial analysis tools and Got an A-. Thats what I had been expecting, since I screwed up a calculation on the takehome exam. So far pretty satisfied.

Screwed up Optimization Models Exam August 23, 2006

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Yesterday was one of the those very bad days. I was hoping to revise some of optimization examples before the exam. Early in the morning at work I find out that PGP encryption is screwed up on one of the production servers so all the jobs that send the files to different banks and billing systems failed.   I had to spend a several hours rebuilding PGP keys from scratch. Thank god I had saved all the public keys in SourceSafe, otherwise it would have been a major nightmare. Forgot to run a couple of jobs and got a call just a few minutes before the exam Had to scramble on phone to get someone to run the job.

Couldn’t finish the revision and because of this problem I was not in the right frame of mind I knew going into it that I was going to screw it up. This is one of the major problems I am facing with the MBA program. Since the class is after work, events at work have a huge influence especially on those exam days.

The questions were not terribly tough like the ones on the homework, but not too easy either, I am pretty sure I screwed up two of them but didn’t have chance to look at them again as I had run out of time. One of the questions was from a one of professor’s Transportation Model research project at P&G supply chain group. We viewed a documentary in class for 30 min, never would have expected a question from that.Any ways totally screwed up the exam. Hopefully everyone else screwed up theirs too, because the grade is going to be curved. 

PS: May be all this happened because, I wore my bad luck shirt today, whenever I wear this specific shirt, this kind of shit happens to me, But then I want to disprove this theory so I wear it occasionally, So far it has never failed to screw up my days when I wear it. My patience is wearing thin now, May be it’s just not worth it to prove these sentiments wrong.  

Funny Proposal August 20, 2006

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This Desi guy had a lot of guts to post this proposal of his on the net. Very Funny Its worth 5* for his effort  Looks like I cant embed yahoo video’s as of yet here is the link http://video.yahoo.com/video/play?vid=6ec88c404a7f4aa7b0f71e24838005f5.638769&fr=

First day of blogging August 17, 2006

Posted by Laxmi Goutham Vulpala in Life in general.
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Never have maintained a diary in my life for longer period than a month,  So I will see how long this goes. Yesterday was krishna astami So Swapna dressed Vihaan in Krishna’s attire. He was so cute. We cliked a lot of photos of him along with Rishi.

 Here is a photo.

  Vihaan's Krishna Dress

He complained a lot about how the dress was suffocating him using  word’s  in telugu like “abbu” and “gatti”.  Picking up a lot of new words lately. Have the final exams comming up next week along with two home works to submit. Will have to spend the whole weekend on it and I’m not too excited. But 3 weeks of holidays after that do excite me I have never had more than a week without classes since i joined the program in March.

 I am not too worried about the Managerial Economics exam because I did well on the midterm, If I dont screw up the final too badly I will end up with an A.

 Optimization Model’s scares me a lot, had a tough time with the first three home works. I was hoping I could finish them in a couple of hours but took much longer than that that too with plenty of mistakes. Hoepfully the questions on the exam arent as tough.  Professor said that the grade would be curved that should help